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Posted by Tim Posada On 8:20 PM
I've just finished my second week at my job working for Park LaBrea News/Beverly Press. In the first week I layed out four pages and this past Wednesday I layed out seven. I always enjoy doing this stuff, but I've been having many set backs to finishing at a reasonable time. I have a rather old iMac computer, a bad chair, an old newspaper for a mouse pad, no Photoshop on my computer, and, most importantly, we use Quark to do page layout. Yes, this is a post to bitch about using an archaic design program. I fucking hate this program so much. There are basically two design programs, InDesign and Quark. Newspapers used to use PageMaker and when Quark came out it was the new savior. PageMaker became updated and turned into InDesign, but most newspapers had gotten used to Quark and didn't want to switch. But InDesign is the better program. Tool bars, look, program compatibility, and whatever else, InDesign is just better. I used to be so fast at layout and now I'm working on a program that's half as good and twice as old. I'll get used to the program but it's just so slow. Oh well.

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