Posted by Tim Posada On 10:06 PM
So I'm sitting here watching The United States of Leland, writing this blog, taking a break from writing an article about a spike in MRSA among gay men, ages 18 to 35, and listening to Steven laugh his hardy laugh in the other room. My mid-weeks are always interesting. I wake up on Tuesday and drive out to West Hollywood. I hate that damn drive, but I do it because I need the money, though I no longer enjoy working for this boring little newspaper that has a bigger ego than a puppy that doesn't know it will soon be castrated. (Steve is laughing again) So after the newspaper, I went home for a few minutes and got ready to head to my second job, faculty advising for The Clause. I felt a wee bit awkward last week, but this week felt a lot better. I'm really gonna enjoy this. I've been answering a shit load of emails for work. After the meeting was over I came home and got into a rather loud argument about if a president should or shouldn't pledge to the flag or not. It was a quite long argument and I got kinda bored halfway through, but I continued until the end. So that's about my average mid-week day. A little tiring but fun.

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