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To my future has been unfolding in unusual ways lately. Here's the nutshell:

So things have been interesting lately. I've decided to stay on at the newspaper in West Hollywood. It's a consistent job and good opportunity. In the next few weeks I'm gonna see if they'll let me run an extensive piece on the Academy Awards-do a review on the past year instead just one film. It should be fun. I also have the opportunity to redesign their website if I learn how to do it, so if anyone knows where I can learn HTML stuff, that'd be great.

Advising The Clause is a truly unique experience. I wonder what my old prof felt like when she first took this job. It's an odd way to begin teaching at college. There's no lectures. All class work comes at the end of the semester. Everything else is more hands on outside the classroom. In some ways I like it because of the fluid structure, in others, it's harder to understand what's expected of me.

I had an interview to teach Freshmen Writing Seminar at APU. The interview lasted like five minutes. I was asked why I wanted to teach the class and a few other questions. I was then told that since I have already gone through the adjunct interviews, things are looking up. He ended by saying that he wished I had an English degree but was willing to look passed it. So things are looking good for me to teach FWS in the fall. I have some other possibilities too, but nothing is certain.

Soon enough I'll be looking for PhD programs again. What the hell am I going to do during the summer!

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