Hope, Change, Progess and all the Other Rhetoric

Posted by Tim Posada On 9:30 PM
I should be writing about possible changes in bicycle laws in the City of West Hollywood or the new funds raised by community organizations to renovate the front lawn of a high school, but I just can't do it right. So I've decided to take a break from work writing to write about something I haven't written about in years, politics. Unlike some people I know, I only get jazzed about these things every two and four years. Besides that, I try to stay up with issues but my simple mind can only take so much before I zone out and put on another episodes of Ninja Turtles or Vultron. But alas, here I go, venturing into a world everyone seems to think they are an export of but few actually let their say be heard come election time.

It may be clear to some that I'm no fan of the conservative standpoint, even though I'm apparently considered one simply for being a Christian (which I still find hysterical since a prereq for being a Christian is being a revolutionary who gets in the way of legalism and tells oppressors to fuck off). Anyways, I was one of the few people that actually voted for John Kerry almost four years ago. I didn't particularly care for the man, but Bush was just that scary. But I currently take no pride in being right (even my father, who often considered himself a strong republican, lost faith in the right-this was a big victory for me after years of debating with him and my mother). I am relieved that it's almost over. Currently, a former Democratic presidential hopeful is trying to impeach Bush, and I am very okay with that-though it won't happen. It's politics time again, and all the naivety that comes with it is out and about.

I find all the rhetoric for and against presidential candidates rather intriguing, and I'm always ready to fight someone I disagree with. I must say, I super stoked about Barack Obama. There's a lot of talk about his experience and other subtle ways of saying the country isn't ready for a black man to be in office, but I'm thrilled. I would vote for Obama because he is black. And I would've voted for Hillary Clinton simply because she is a woman. I don't see anything wrong with this. The alternative is a moron, but besides that, we desperately need leaders that are not old, white men in major roles. This is huge. We live a country that doesn't want to admit how severe racism is, and sexism for that matter. Just check out the segregation and distribution of wealth in any major city, it's beyond tragic. It should be illegal. Now with that said, I've never been more excited about a candidate than Obama in all the time I've been able to vote. Yes, he sure is a damn good speaker, and I guess such speech could be problematic since it could be seen as manipulative (see Aristotles three principles of rhetoric), but I see what Obama stands for and really see a chance for this country to get of the shit it's been getting deeper in for the past eight years (I'm sure this length of time is more, but I can only speak for the time I paid attention). So here's to affordable healthcare (it'll be nice to have some again), a public figure that will help heal racism, and ending the war. I know this is all very simplified, but whaddya expect, I care about cultural implications, thus lack much of the practical language and application politics and policy require.

I'd also like to add that the picture of Obama here is awesome. The artist, Shepard Fairey, is one of most distinctive right now, creating works that bring together art, social justice, and capitalism-a combo rarely done well.

Anyways, yay Obama, fuck McCain.

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