Yet Another Nerd Out Moment

Posted by Tim Posada On 9:43 PM
I just got back from a special theatre screening of my favourite anime, Bleach. The show created a film in 2006 called Bleach: Memories of Nobody, for two nights at select theatres they premiered the English-dubbed version of the film. The screening was just like a midnight showing of a film or attending Sundance; you're surrounding my people just as obsessed as you. It's quite refreshing after the months of torment from roommates and friends about my abnormal interest in this Japanese phenomena. Before the film started, there were several previews of selected anime TV shows and it was great to here people cheering them on-this cheering would continue throughout the movie when familiar faces appeared for big battles.

There were no previews for films before the movie, but there was a 15-minutish piece on the Via Media, the American distributor of Bleach, on the process of converting the Japanese manga for an English-speaking audience, and converting the anime for an English-speaking audience as well. The video actually began with a good five-minute clip of the Bleach creator sketching the main character. It reminded me about how I used to be able to draw but somehow forgot...oh well. Anyways, the video was rather interesting and it included interviews from voice actors and the editing team at Via Media. There are more than 170 episodes in the show's history and I'm almost caught, thus it was rather interesting to see the faces of the voice actors and learn about what's going with the Japanese creators and the American team. P.S. the creator is gonna be at ComiCon in San Diego this July, and I'm totally gonna go here him speak.

The film was about what I expected. It had nothing to do with the main story arch of the show, which is incredibly in depth, but did it's own thing with new villians and a new character it could kill off at the end. It was still cool to see the fight scenes of memorable characters and watch something with crisper animation-the music still sucks. It was a pretty cool experience and, as usual, I love going to the movies. The End.

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